Central NC Mineral Club

20 Mar 2017


Who are we?: CNCMC is an earth sciences club, founded in 1958. We have monthly meetings focused on an educational presentation and the occasional field trip. Visitors are welcome. Although the original focus of the club was gems and minerals, in the last decade or so, the club has expanded beyond its original conception and has held activities and presentations on geology, fossils, social issues (fracking), bird conservation, lemurs, astronomy, mountain climbing, economics of mining (modern and preprehistoric), jewelry and meteorites. We're up for anything in natural history and natural sciences.

CNCMC is a member of the Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies that among other benefits, gives us insurance on field trips and allows us to attend field trips of sister clubs, as if we were members of that club for insurance purposes.

Members live in the Durham, Chapel Hill and Triangle area of North Carolina.

Meeting Time: 6-9pm, on the 1st Tuesday of the month. The first hour is available for socialising, exchanging ideas, news, buy/sell/exhange/give away books rocks and equipment with other members and for setup of presentations (often there is just setup going on). The formal meeting begins at 7pm with club business followed by a presentation. Meetings are not held in summer (Jul, Aug). In case of collisions (e.g. with holidays), the meeting may be shifted, usually to the following week. The formal meeting starts at 7pm with announcments and business (hopefully short), followed by a presentation.

Location: Seymour Center , 2551 Homestead Rd, Chapel Hill, NC, 27516 (map ). Parking is behind (uphill from) the center. A convenient route from I40, that misses out on the traffic of Chapel Hill, is to take Rte 86S (Martin Luther King), exit 266 on I40. Go south on Rte 86S for 1.4miles (watch for radar speed guns), turn R on Homestead. The Seymour Center is 500yrds on the left just over the first hill. If you get lost, call the Seymour Center at 919-968-2070 for directions.

e-mailed meeting reminder: is sent out the weekend before the monthly meeting to members and interested people. Occasionally we send other e-mails. If you want to be an "interested person", it's free and you don't have to be a member. Just send your name and e-mail address to the club's e-mail address (see contact info). Now and again (last time was Dec 2016) we will ask you, by e-mail, to reaffirm your interest. If you don't want to be on the list anymore, just don't reply and we'll drop you from our list (or you can e-mail our contact address). The last e-mail reminder was sent on 4 Mar 2017. If you didn't get it, then you are not on our list.

Table of Contents

1. Upcoming Meetings: First Tues of month, 6-9pm at the Seymour Center, unless otherwise stated. Come at 6pm for setup and to socialise, 7pm for the formal meeting.
1.1. 4 Apr 2017 - Further Discussion of the Future of CNCMC
1.2. 2 May 2017 - Presentation: TBA
1.3. 6 Jun 2017 - Presentation: TBA. Ice Cream Social.
1.4. Jul/Aug 2017 - There are no meetings in Jul/Aug. See you in Sep.
1.5. 5 Sep 2017 - ***6:30pm*** Annual Potluck dinner. (No presentation.)
1.6. 3 Oct 2017 - Presentation: TBA
1.7. 7 Nov 2017 - Presentation: TBA
1.8. 5 Dec 2017 - Presentation: TBA
2. Past Meetings
2.1. 7 Mar 2017 - Discussion of Reorganisation of CNCMC
2.2. 7 Feb 2017 - Presentation: Video by Iain Stewart: The Rise of Eurasia
2.3. 3 Jan 2017 - Annual General Meeting: Board Election. Presentation: Video by Iain Stewart: The Rise of the Americas
2.4. 6 Dec 2016 - Jim Sorauf: Modern Ideas on Mountain Building, using examples from the Rocky Mountains and the West Coast
2.5. 1 Nov 2016 - Sylvia: Workshop in Making Bronze Jewelry using FASTfire BRONZclay
2.6. 4 Oct 2016 - Award to Sylvia, Videos on Opal Mining; The Geology of Opals, Coober Pedy and Lightning Ridge
2.7. 1 Oct 2016 10am-4pm: Gems, Mineral and Fossil Show and Sale (at the Seymour Center, Chapel Hill)
2.8. 6 Sep 2016 - ***6:30pm*** Annual Potluck; Award to Trish Kohler.
2.9. Jul/Aug 2016: There are no meetings in Jul or Aug. See you in Sep
2.10. 7 Jun 2016 - Opals: Tricia Weiner. Ice Cream Social.
2.11. 3 May 2016 - The Geological History of North America, Part 2: Colorado Plateau - Jim Sorauf
2.12. 5 Apr 2016 - The Geological History of North America, Part 1: Colorado Plateau - Jim Sorauf
2.13. 1 Mar 2016 - Video by Iain Stewart on Louis Agassiz and James Croll
2.14. 2 Feb 2016 - Pleistocene and Pliocene seashell fossils from Florida: Trish Kohler
2.15. 5 Jan 2016 - Board Elections, Movie on James Hutton the father of modern geology. (The Lapidary Material and Fluorescent Mineral Sale has been cancelled.)
2.16. 1 Dec 2015 - Viewing of Club's rocks to be sold in Jan 2016
2.17. 3 Nov 2015 - Palm Sized Mineral Sale
2.18. 6 Oct 2015 - Viewing of $400 of club owned rocks
2.19. 1 Sep 2015 - PotLuck dinner, starts ***6:30pm***, possible Speaker TBA
2.20. Jul/Aug 2015 - no meeting - summer recess
2.21. 2 Jun 2015 - DVDs by Michael Wysession on the Himalayas and the Ganges Delta
2.22. 5 May 2015 - Short talk on Li mining and economics - Joe. DVD on the Himalayas
2.23. 7 Apr 2015 - notes the Carolina Butcher Carnufex carolinensis, a DVD from WGBH on the early (WWII) work on plate techtonics, the Taung child and Lucy
2.24. 3 Mar 2015 - DVDs by Wysessions
2.25. 3 Feb 2015 - Katherine Leith, Jonesboro Fault, Wysession DVD on the African Rift Valley
2.26. 6 Jan 2015 - DVD lectures by Michael Wysession on Iceland and on the Namib Desert. Annual Elections
2.27. 2 Dec 2014 - Paula LaPoint and Bob Healy: "Iceland: A Dynamic Landscape"
2.28. 4 Nov 2014 (election day) - Kenny Gay: "New-Old Minerals from the Crabtree Quarry, Raleigh, NC"
2.29. 7 Oct 2014 - Liessa Bowen: Rockhounding Around the US
2.30. 2 Sep 2014 - Bob Healy: Stone Age mining and smelting in England.
2.31. 3 Jun 2014 - Great Sand Dunes National Park and The Annual Sand Hill Crane Migration and Icecream Social
2.32. 6 May 2014 - 1hr DVD presentation by Michael Wysession: The Grand Staircase: Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon
2.33. 1 Apr 2014 - Sonya Coulson Rook, founder of Metamorphosis Metals
2.34. 4 Mar 2014 - DVD on the Santorini volcano and DVD on Karst geomorphology
2.35. 4 Feb 2014 - Annual Meeting, Elections, Recorded Presentation "Prometheus and Prehistory".
2.36. 7 Jan 2014 - cancelled due to weather
2.37. 3 Dec 2013 - Club's 55th birthday celebration and report on the recent CGS field trip by Joe Mack
2.38. 5 Nov 2013 - Ryan Stolp Founder, Sr. Gear Alchemist, Deep South Mountaineering
2.39. 1 Oct 2013 - Charles Welch, Conservation Coordinator, Duke Lemur Center
2.40. 3 Sep 2013 6:30PM: Annual Potluck dinner
2.41. 4 Jun 2013 - Rachel Smith. "Exploring Solar System Evolution."
2.42. 7 May 2013 - Jim Rose "The Burgess Shale: Following the Path to our Beginnings"
2.43. 2 Apr 2013: 6:30PM - Dr Clark R. Chapman, The Russian Meteor and the Asteroid Impact Hazard
2.44. 5 Mar 2013: Bob Healy: Presentation: The giant crystal formations at the Naica Mine, Chihuahua, Mexico
2.45. 5 Feb 2013: Joe Mack: Presentation: The geology of Pilot Mountain and the Sauratown Mountain Anticline: (incl: lecture notes)
2.46. 8 Jan 2013: Election of Officers and Business Meeting
2.47. 4 Dec 2012, Bob Healy: A Historical View of Mining at the Erzegeberg (Ore Moutains), Czechoslovakia.
3. Newsletters
4. Past Field Trips
4.1. Field Trip: Falls Lake Trail, Section 11: 24 Jan 2015
4.2. Field Trip: Duke University Lemur Center: 9:30am 31 May 2014
4.3. Fall Festival, Sandy Creek Park, Sat Oct. 19th 2013 9:00am-1:00pm
4.4. Pilot Mountain State Park: 8am 23 Feb 2013, meet Seymour Center top parking lot. Organiser: Joseph Mack
5. Annual membership dues, due 1 Jan each year
6. Officers and Contact Information, 2017
7. Local Resources
8. Reorganisation
8.1. Disband
8.2. New Role
9. Miscellaneous