4. Past Field Trips

4.1. Field Trip: Falls Lake Trail, Section 11: 24 Jan 2015

Falls Lake Trail: Section 11, Jonesboro Fault (http://www.centralncmineralclub.org/field_trips/falls_lake_11/)

4.2. Field Trip: Duke University Lemur Center: 9:30am 31 May 2014

The trip was originally planned for 24 May. Charles Welch couldn't make it, so we moved it back 1 week.

Charles Welch of DLC, who spoke to us in Oct 2013, has arranged a tour for a group from CNCMC.

We will be meeting at the DLC (directions) at 9:30 31 May 2014. Anyone is welcome; friends, children... Cost is $10 for adults (a bit less for children). The tour is about an hour.

NandO on 1 Apr had an article on lemurs. You can see a video.

Figure 2. Duke Lemur Center field trip members

Field trip members

4.3. Fall Festival, Sandy Creek Park, Sat Oct. 19th 2013 9:00am-1:00pm

The CNCMC has been asked to participate in the Fall Festival at the Sandy Creek Park this Saturday, Oct. 19th from 9:00-1:00. Several of our members will be there giving away rocks and minerals and handouts about our club. We will have a small exhibit of rocks and minerals of NC as well as some posters on display, too.

We hope y'all can come and support the club, hike some of the trails, and enjoy the fall colors and sunshine. The park is located at the very end of Sandy Creek Drive which parallels US 15-501 off of Pickett Road in Durham. Here's pictures of the park, its volunteers (including our Co-President, Bob Healy), info about the Festival, a small map and directions Hope to see you there!

Here's some pictures taken at the event.

Table 1. Sandy Creek Park Festival 19 Oct 2013

Figure 3. Diane Willis, Paula LaPoint (blue jackets), Grady Ware (green shirt)..

Diane Willis, Paula LaPoint, Grady Ware.

Figure 4. Rocks.


Figure 5. Bob Healy (baseball cap).

Bob Healy (baseball cap).

Figure 6. Diane Willis, Paula LaPoint.

Diane Willis, Paula LaPoint.

Figure 7. Paula LaPoint, Diane Willis, find rocks.

Paula LaPoint, Diane Willis, find rocks.

Figure 8. Festival Announcement.

Festival Announcement.

Figure 9. Diane Willis, Grady Ware.

Diane Willis, Grady Ware.

Figure 10. Paula LaPoint (foreground), Diane Willis (right midground).

Paula LaPoint foreground, Diane Willis right midground.

Figure 11. Sandy Creek Park sign.

Sandy Creek Park sign.

4.4. Pilot Mountain State Park: 8am 23 Feb 2013, meet Seymour Center top parking lot. Organiser: Joseph Mack

I've contacted Pilot Mountain State Park to arrange a geologically oriented hike for the club. The best they can do, is for us to come on the standard pubic monthly 11am hike around the 0.8mile Jomeokee Trail, that's advertised on the Park's event pages. The ranger will pay more attention to the geology because we'll be on the trip.

I will give a presentation in the Feb 2013 meeting, so that people have a background on the geology to be seen before they go.

Date/Time: 11 am 23 Feb at the Park. It's about a 2hr drive. Leave from the Seymour Center Parking top lot at 8am (not the first sloping parking lot that we use for the meetings, go to the level one right up the hill) and we can check out the place a bit before the hike, so we'll have a better idea of what the ranger is talking about. If we leave 2-3pm, we should be back in Chapel Hill by 4-5pm.